Timing system for climbing and firefighters competitions


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Presentation video is available on DVD too.


  • a great electronic timing solution for speed climbing and firefighters competitions
  • modular and flexible composition
  • independent or parallel races
  • very big, readable and attractive displays (a smaller alternative are available too)
  • strong and specialised software support with many inovative functions
  • many starting modes (momentary or delayed start)
  • possibility of simple standalone mode operation
  • three different counting resolutions
  • many accessories available
  • possibility of internet interaction with other users on distant locations all over the world
  • possibility of measuring reaction times
  • includes programmable countdown timers
  • competitive price

Product description

Our electronic timing system consists of physical part (unit with electronics, one or two display boards, accessories) and of software, which runs on your computer.

The customer gets “all in one”: simple and robust, but very effective system for simple use without computer support, while connecting to the computer brings up benefits of all advanced features and functions.

Connection to the computer is made via robust industry standard RS232 (COM) port. An innovative internal communication procedure prevents user from unpleasant COM port settings, which are done automatically.

Many goodies as different operation modes, LOG file, Start lists importing, measuring of reaction times, stereo acoustic warning signals, many different starting modes, power saving modes, text mode... guarantees additional satisfaction for the customers who are thus able to personalize the system in many ways.

Software is created deliberately with ease of use in mind but not with sacrificed usability. The easy to understand graphical user interface is written in Slovenian, Croatian and English language at the time. Many original ideas were applied during designing process in order to get as usable product as possible. We are constantly looking for possible improvements for future versions and upgrades.

Order your free copy of presentation DVD and see detailed explanation about features of the system!

Customer support

We provide full support to our customers. We can install the system on your location, instruct you how to use it in all details and we are accessible by e-mail or phone to provide help to users at any time. We can deliver the product to any world location and provide detailed instructions on how to install and use the system.

Every single customer is important for us. We collect their remarks about functionality and try to take them into account for the future improvements and upgrades to make the system even better. The system can easily be upgraded and we provide the tools necessary for making upgrades by the customers on their own when needed.

We closely cooperate with our worldwide partners. We localize our product to meet special local requirements including special hardware demands, language support etc.


Our partners cover the following countries:

Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Scandinavian countries and United Arabic Emirates: Vertigo

Croatia: Vatropromet

Asia: Motion Climbing      

If you come from any non-specified country or in case of specific technical questions, contact us directly.


Please contact your nearest distributor or us directly.


Central unit

  • Internal counting resolution: 0.001s
  • Displayed resolutions: 0.01s, 0.1s, 1s (selectable)
  • Time measuring ranges: 10min, 100min, 10 hours
  • Temperature operating range: 0 do 40°C
  • Type of communication: RS232
  • Communication speed : 19200 bps
  • Dimensions: 13x13x5cm
  • Degree of protection: IP30


  • Segment height: 200mm or 100mm
  • Display format: 5 x 7-segments LED digits
  • Nominal viewing distance: up to 100m or 50m
  • Dimensions: 100x30x4 cm or 58x20x4cm
  • Weight: ca. 8kg or 5kg
  • Segments colour: red or green
  • Degree of protection: IP40

System requirements

  • PC compatible computer with operating system Windows 98 or higher
  • Graphical resolution: 1024x768 or more
  • Stereo sound card recommended
  • Serial communication (COM) or USB port with USB-serial converter

Power supply

  • Input voltage: 90 to 264 VAC
  • Power consumption: up to 80W


  • speed competition for youth categories, high school Šentvid Ljubljana, November 2009
  • "AO Rašica" competiton, high school Šentvid Ljubljana, November 2009, difficulty and speed
  • national high school categories competition, ŠKG Ljubljana, January 2010, difficulty
  • "West league" 2010, 1st race, ŠKG Ljubljana, January 2010, speed
  • Vanka Regule festival, island Brač, Croatia, July 2010
  • Johanov memorial 2010, Osp
  • World cup Eindhoven, June 2011
  • 1. Dutch speed Contest, Breda, September 2011
  • Johanov memorial 2011, Osp
  • 2. Dutch speed Contest, Breda, September 2012
  • European bouldering championship, Eindhoven, August 2013

Contact us for any additional information or presentation.

New: Free presentation DVD with all the details explained is available!

Climbing specific

  • speed competitions - qualifications
  • speed competitions - finale
  • recreationally based speed climbing
  • boulders competitions
  • difficulty - lead competitions
  • plain text display mode
  • internet multimatching - parallel races between long distance locations

The most important climbing competitive Qualification and Finale modes provide full automatic and fluent managing of the competition with automatic summing and displaying the times on both speed tracks. In these cases our system is not just a timing machine, but it may really be called smart and friendly partner in timing.

The system supports many starting modes (momentary or delayed start), measuring of reaction times and it includes fully programmable Boulder and Lead countdown timers with warning sounds.

Our latest addition to the system is Internet multimatching feature. Up to five locations all over the world can connect together and realtime multimatch on IFSC approved speed routes may begin!

Join to 'Stopko' community and interact with other users of our system through the realtime Internet multimatching.

Download a brochure about Internet multimatching facility.


Install our Android application on your smartphone to control countdown timer in Boulders mode.

Download our climbing configurator utility *  for easy configuring your specific timing system. Configurator includes on-line EUR price calculator (Internet connection is required to activate this feature).

* Just download and run the file to install it. It contains a clear graphical presentation of how our timing
system with many different options incorporates with climbing wall. Designed for Windows 98 or higher.
We guarantee that it contains no harmful code and that it does not offence your privacy in any way.

Firefighters specific

We have upgraded the product in cooperation with Firefighters Association of Slovenia and Croatia so it can be used for Firefighter's competitions too. Beside many other subjects we have developed the following devices or features:

  • Selfstanding Start/Stop button
  • Optical barrier for starting or stopping the counting
  • Sensor for detecting hitting of the target by water jet
  • Specific software support
  • A special power saving mode for battery powered applications

All Start/Stop peripherals can be freely combined at Starting/Finishing positions. Example: Start/Finish: buttons; Start: button / Finish: optical barries; Start/Finish: optical barriers etc.

We are challenged to find a proper custom solution for every specific user's demand under competing conditions. Give us a try!

Screenshot of the results collecting and sorting utility

New: Android application for collecting results

Use our firefighters configurator utility to interactively select your own configuration and find out complete prices. Configurator includes on-line EUR price calculator (Internet connection is required to activate this feature).