Frequently asked questions

Below are listed the most interesting additional questions about our products.

Climbing hold 'Minute'

Does the hold have a battery and how long does it last?

It requires 3 batteries type AAA. It is necessary to take off the hold to replace them. One set of batteries lasts about 5000 10-minutes cycles of operating, when inactive more than 10 years.

How can the stopwatch be turned on and off?

To turn on just press the Start button. It turns off automatically after some period of inactivity.

Can the magnesium and moisture be harmful?
No. The buttons are of very good quality and waterproof. The moisture could do harm only if it reaches the hold from behind (batteries).

Can I use many holds in the same room?

Yes, because there are 9 different sound signals available. Just set a different signal to each of the holds and that’s it.

Timing system 'Stopko'

How should I start to choose my system?

As there are many possible configurations of the system, we have prepared configurator applications for climbers and firefighters.

Is the climbing usage limited to speed competitions?

No, Stopko can be used on boulder and difficulty-lead competitions too as down-counter of allowable amount of time.

How the competition is managed?

The competition is managed by an operator sitting behind the computer or, what is more practical, by using remote controller which is held and operated by the referee just beside the climbing wall.

Why is the handy remote controller useful?

For faster and easier handling. The referee can use it and most of the operations can be done without direct contact with computer.

Can Stopko operate without computer support?

Yes it can. It is intended to be used for competitive purposes as well as for simple daily non-competitive use without computer support. In addition, it can manage parallel timing of two competitors or individual for each climber separately.

What is the counting resolution and what is the maximum time Stopko can count?

The user chooses between three modes:

Resolution Maximum time
1/100s 9min, 59s, 99 hundreths of second
1/10s 99min, 59s, 9 tenths of second
1s 9hours, 59min, 59s

My computer doesn’t have a serial port.

In this case most common solution is using USB-serial converter.

What about LOG file?

All results are saved in LOG file.

Is it possible to import a start list with names of the competitors?

The list can be imported in the mode Speed-qualification. When the competition is finished a new file with competitors ranked by result is created.

What is the purpose of Foot pads?

Foot pads have a built-in sensor, which senses when a person stands on them. At starting signal the sistem can determine if competitor started too early. Additional attractive feature is measuring of the competitors' reaction times.

I don't like built-in sounds.

All sounds can be replaced by any other sounds, chosen by the user. Just properly name your sound file(s) and overwrite the existing one(s).

I don't know how to use USB-COM converter.

To use USB-COM converter, follow these guides:
1. Install converter's driver, which is supplied together with converter.
2. Connect converter to USB port. Check Control panel->System->Hardware->Device manager->Ports(COM & LPT). There must be at least one COM port visible (COM 1 per example).
3. Connect Central unit to converter. Turn its power on. Wait 15 seconds. Launch the program.
4. If after several attempts you get error message (entry in Demo mode), try to: 1. restart your computer, 2. use different USB port.

Can Stopko be used in outdoor environment?

Central unit and display boards must be kept away from moisture. All peripheral units have a proper degree of protection.

What about future?

The system is open and it can be upgraded according to the users' needs.

Do you have any international distributor?

Yes. Our official distributor for Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Scandinavian countries and United Arabic Emirates is Vertigo company.

Croatia is covered by Vatropromet.

Do you have additional questions? Let us know and we will answer in the shortest time possible.