About us

Some dreams come true quickly while others need more time to grow and get their wings. Our dream is of this second type.

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We wanted to merge our love for two different fields, climbing and electronics, each of them incredibly beautiful and challenging.

Two different worlds, both of them addictive. If you want to persevere, develop and grow in either one of them, you must put in a whole lot of energy, effort and last but not least money. But at the end, when out of breath you look over the conquered depths and overhangs below you feel that it’s all been worth it.

It has really been worth it. All the distances climbed, the sleepless nights and efforts – they make sense in the end.

After years of thinking and wishing we have finally registered a trademark Lep je dan (“It’s a beautiful day”). It won’t be easy but we dare dream that at the end we will be able to say “It was all worth it.”

We are guided by original ideas and streaming for quality. As we are specialists in both climbing and electronic design, we believe that it is possible to join together sparkling new ideas and serious development with our intense love for climbing and at the end have a product which will make us proud and its users, climbers, happy – a product they will be able to use in their everyday lives.