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our electronic timing system for Speed Climbing and Bouldering ‘Stopko’ is the solution to most challenges of timing within sport climbing. It can be used either as a stopwatch for Speed climbing or as a countdown timer for Bouldering. It can manage both single and double climbing lanes. It can be either installed permanently or used as a mobile solution to managing events. It can work as an independent system, but can also be connected to a PC to access all the functions offered by the system.

As a stopwatch, the system functions on any wall, either IFSC-certified or ordinary. Two special modes were developed for the purpose of use on non-IFSC climbing walls: Speed Qualification and Speed Finale. Two different climbing routes are used. Every competitor climbs both and a smaller sum of times required for climbing both routes determines the outcome of the competition. All these operations are managed by the timing system, the sums of both times are calculated and displayed automatically. This function intensifies the attractiveness of finale battles.

As a countdown timer, the system can be customised to any cycle time. Additionally, left and right channels can be run separately.

We are proud on our unique design of the Stop and Foot sensors. Both operate electronically and have no moving parts. The Foot sensors detect the proximity of climbers’ feet and no physical contact between a foot and the sensor is required. This proximity detection ensures that the presence of sensors has no influence on the performance of climbers.

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timing system




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